Here are the 5 main eCommerce trends  you should certainly follow to start  business successfully and prosper :

1: Establish a Mobile Presence – Responsive Website

If you don’t have a mobile presence you don’t have a presence at all.

It’s expected that the mobile share of global eCommerce transactions in 2017 will be 70%, and you want your revenue to be part of this statistic. Here’s how: optimize for mobile shoppers.



You can order and get a mobile-friendly site, although this is only the bare minimum to pass Google’s search indexing tests.

A better solution is to enhance user experience (UX) and get a responsive website that provides smooth interactions across desktops and mobile devices.  Responsive website restructures its content for any device.

2: Client-Oriented On line Store

Customer service can make or break you; simple as that. One bad review is all it takes for your luck to change and your sales to plummet. Think of a wildfire. One little flame may not seem very intimidating, but leave it unattended and you have a story on the six o’clock news. You can do a couple of things to avoid this.

Just imagine you you already have a bad review. ACT!


Be proactive and inquire further. See what you can do to change their mind and improve their opinion of your business.

In the other scenario, in which you’re still brimming with good reviews, keep it up!

A customer service best practice is to not let emails or inquiries fall through the cracks. This will only annoy your customers and make them feel ignored. After all, what is a business if it doesn’t have any customers?

3:  Social Media for E-Commerce Business

Social media is a prime realty for fostering relationships and improving them, and the perfect place for a two-way conversation to take place between you, the shop owner, and your audience, the customers.

Not only can it help you start your business in a successful way, but it can also help you with the previous point of improving customer service.

4: User Experience Focus

User experience is vital in eCommerce. Much like customer service, it can make or break you.


The last thing that you want is for your customer to land on your site only to leave in a huff because it took too long to load or was too complicated to use.

This section actually encompasses many of our earlier points because most contribute to good UX. More specifically, you want to make your customer’s journey from landing to checkout as seamless and pleasant as possible.

Improving UX is the thing Webcreator do when they get in touch with unprofitable online stores.