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Clever Lead Generation Ideas to Optimize Landing Page

We spend absurd amounts of time and resources creating content and planning campaigns. For many of us, the end goal is to generate new leads that will become paying customers.

Here are some proven and actionable ideas to energize your lead generation efforts.

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Universal Principles Of UX Part II : Tips & Techniques


Our role as designers is to simplify as much as possible, aiding usability in the process. The best interfaces remove as much as possible, removing complexity in the process.

Building UI components, focus on re-using elements and minimizing visual complexity. With a core set of simplified and elegant components built, focus on combining these to create understandable interfaces that ease user interactions.

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Universal Principles Of User Experience Design / Part 1

I’ll explore the foundations that enable us to establish some universal principles of UX.

These principles, which should sit at the heart of everything we design and build, are critical and will stand the test of time. The principles of design remain consistent and timeless.

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E-Commerce Trend 2018 – The Best Online Merchandising Tactics


Online merchandising is an art and a science. You might think of it similar displaying products in a physical store’s windows to attract the attention of passing consumers.

However, the attention of holiday shoppers is being pulled in all different directions this time of year. Your team needs to be strategic yet nimble, to help them focus and find what they need.

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Progressive Cross-Platform Web Apps As One Of the Main Mobile App Development Trends 2017

No matter what your business is, it is impossible today not to take into account the time that people spend in front of mobile devices each day. No wonder business owners also tend to become “mobile”.

Web application development is the next step your website should take towards betting on mobility.

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Web application development. Cross-Platform Hybrid Apps


When talking about cross-platform web app development, we are usually talking about developing for mobile devices. This includes smartphones, phablets, and tablets.

There are also apps for the web and wearables like smartwatches, but for the purposes of this article, we’ll stay within the bounds of mobile devices like phones and tablets.

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5 content marketing ideas to sell more products

When your sales don’t perform as well as you expected, it’s time to launch a new content marketing strategy. You can use these tips to drive traffic to your online platform or website, increase conversions, and establish an improved track record of sales.

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Facebook advertising for eCommerce

Every time people think Facebook can’t achieve greater relevance, companies figure out more powerful ways to leverage its impressive advertising platform to connect with a targeted audience. In eCommerce, Facebook advertising is hotter than ever.

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How Website Design Can Improve Marketing Campaign for your Business


Every business need to adapt the best marketing strategies for them to have any relevance in this ever dynamic market all the time. If you recognize the online nature of modern customers and their preferences, you would agree that website design is one of the most powerful and effective tools within your digital marketing strategy.

Below you will find 5 practical ways for website to improve your marketing campaign and multiply your profit.

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Getting started on a web design project can be intimidating.

Goal identification, scope definition, sitemap and wireframe creation, content creation, UI/UX, testing the site, these are all the elements that the web design process most commonly includes.

awamo_ipad (1)

So today, we’re looking into 10 web design tips that we keep in mind to design a website for your client. This goes for all types of websites where a business is selling to a customer (B2C): e-commerce stores, small business and start up websites, product websites, etc.

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